Wild Season for the Underdog Furies

After missing the playoffs last year and falling short the year before, the Furies are determined to make it to the Clarkson Cup final. This season, the Furies recorded 14 wins, 14 losses and 1 OTW, their best season in over 3 years. Often fluctuating in the standings, the Furies made a solid run for the playoffs. They played tough all year long against tough opponents and proved to the league that they should not be underestimated.

The Furies started the summer off by hiring former Furies goalie and 3-time Olympian Sami Jo Small as their New GM and introduced former player Courtney Kessel as head coach. Next, the team acquired free agents Shian Darkangelo and Elaine Chuli before they made moves at the CWHL Draft in August. At the draft, the team drafted elite players including Sarah Nurse, Brittany Howard, Mellissa Channell, Mackenzie MacNeil, Emma Greco, Megan Quinn, Julia Fedeski and Shea Tiley.

The team started off the 2018/19 season going 8 -11 before the All-Star break in January. Four members of the Furies, including rookies Sarah Nurse and Mellissa Channell and veterans Natalie Spooner and Renata Fast, were all invited to participate in the All-Star game in Toronto. This gave them the opportunity to give back to their city and represent the Furies on team gold and team purple.

Post-All-Star break, the Furies were a renewed group with a sense of determination, giving it their all until the very last game of the regular season, winning 6 of their last 9 games. Battling the Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays for the last playoff spot, the Furies needed the Rays to drop their final series to the Inferno while needing to win every game left, including the crucial final game versus the Markham Thunder. With that game win, the Furies secured their spot against the first place Inferno and will start their series on Friday, March 8th in Calgary.

The Furies have been successful against the Inferno at times this season with 2 wins and 4 losses. Can the underdog Furies route the first-place inferno? Find out this weekend!

Fans can buy tickets to watch as the Furies take on the Inferno in Calgary by visiting www.thecwhl.com/playoff-tickets. Game two will be streamed live on Saturday at 6:45 MST and can be found at www.thecwhl.com/watch.