The Canadian Women’s Hockey League Announces its’ Board of Directors and Responds to Recent Inaccurate Statements and Assumptions

Toronto, ON – The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) and Canadian Association for the Advancement of Amateur Women’s Hockey (C.A.A.A.W.H.) is proud to announce its board of directors (the “Board”), elected at the annual general meeting held on November 27, 2018:

Laurel Walzak, Chair
Art Mannarn, Vice Chair
Stephanie Bowman
Allyson Fox
Kevin Gilmore
Jeff Haltretch
Julia Holland
Karen Rubin
Kim Smither
Vicky Sunohara
Richard Venn

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The Board, as a whole, brings extensive skill, experience, and passion to the CWHL, in areas such as finance, legal, risk, governance, human resources, public relations and marketing, and, of course, the game of hockey itself. We are very confident about the future of the CWHL and women’s hockey with the leadership of this diverse, ethical and professional team.

While Mr. Graeme Roustan did resign as a member of the CWHL on the eve of the annual general meeting, we wish to confirm that Mr. Roustan’s departure will not impede or hinder the future of the CWHL or the growth of women’s hockey. Recent news articles have overstated Mr. Roustan’s contributions to the CWHL over the years and made inaccurate assumptions regarding the resignations of certain board members and governors from the CWHL over the years.

While the inaccurate statements and assumptions published give an impression that the CWHL may have difficulties in meeting its mandate in the future, nothing could be farther from the truth. The strength of the CWHL leadership is self-evident, and we have every confidence in the success of the CWHL in all future endeavours.

About the CWHL
The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) is the premier, professionally-run women’s hockey league in the world. With six current clubs throughout North America and China, it enables elite female hockey players to pursue their dreams of competing at the highest level possible, while enhancing the lives of others through exceptional athleticism, entertainment, and motivation. The league is a centrally funded not-for-profit organization, meaning all participating teams receive equal access to funding to ensure equal opportunity and competition. To learn more visit

Jessica Rochwerg
Supervisor, Communications
[email protected]