Outlook Interview: Meghan Agosta

By Mark Staffieri & Mike Burse, Outlook Hockey

he greatest player of her generation, Meghan Agosta first captured the hearts and minds of Canadian hockey fans at the 2006 Torino Winter Games. Having scored a hat trick on her birthday during said games, her legend was born. While with the Mercyhurst Lakers women’s ice hockey program, she broke Julie Chu‘s (ironically, a current Stars teammate) record for most career NCAA points. In her rookie season with the Montreal Stars, she broke Caroline Ouellette‘s CWHL record for most points in one season, while winning the Clarkson Cup.

Outlook: After accomplishing so much with the Canadian Women’s National Team and with the Mercyhurst Lakers how did it feel to go first overall to the Montreal Stars in the 2011 CWHL Draft?
Agosta: Definitely, it is always an honour when others think that I am the #1 player in that draft. There were so many great players in that draft, it could have been anyone. The important thing is helping the team succeed.

Outlook: In the 2012 CWHL Draft, your former teammate with the Mercyhurst Lakers, goaltender Hillary Pattenden went first overall. Were you happy for her?
Agosta: Of course, I was. She is a great goalie and she will help Alberta out over there. I played with her at Mercyhurst for three years and she is a great person.

Outlook: Your rookie season saw you shatter previous scoring records with 41 goals and 39 assists in 27 games. You also played with many great players in Montreal. How did they help you in your transition to the
Agosta: For sure everyone helped. If not for my teammates, I would never have been able to reach my accomplishments. They accepted me and it really shows why Montreal is so successful. It is like a family and everyone wants to succeed. Everybody brings something different and I learned from everyone.

Outlook: From your perspective who are the leaders on and off the ice for the Montreal Stars?
Agosta: Everyone in their own way is a leader. We learn off of everybody. Liz Bretonis a great voice in the room. She leads by example. Caroline Ouellette is also tremendous. A great hockey player.

Outlook: Which players keep the mood the lightest on the bench and in the dressing room in Montreal?
Agosta: I am kind of one of them.

Outlook: How did it feel to win the 2012 Clarkson Cup?
Agosta: Every league I have ever played in, the goal is to win a championship.To win a championship in my first year with the Stars is an honour. To be a player representing Montreal, a team that welcomed me with open arms, it is great. We did it as a team and it doesn’t matter who scores. The important thing is to do it is a team and we will have success.

Outlook: With your Clarkson Cup win, you joined the Triple Gold Club for Women (a Clarkson Cup, IIHF World Championship Gold, and Winter Games Gold). What did that mean to you?
Agosta: It is amazing and a real honour.One can only have so many opportunities and to be able to represent Canada is amazing. Every opportunity, I try to be the best I can to be able to make the team successful.

Outlook: Which team in the CWHL is the best contender to win the 2013 Clarkson Cup other than Montreal?
Agosta: Every team has drafted great hockey players. The picks from NCAA Division I and CIS complement each other so well. It is going to be competitive and you cannot take any teams for granted.

Outlook:Are there any players in the 2012 CWHL Draft that you have played with previously that you feel could be impact players in the CWHL?
Agosta: A lot of them are good. There so many girls in NCAA Division I that were drafted. It is going to make a difference in the league. The great athletes will make the league much stronger.

Outlook: What was your insirpration for starting your "Agosta’s High Performance Hockey Academy"? Also, where can interested players find more information on attending now or in the future?
Agosta: Since I was a little girl, I wanted to have my own hockey school. I waited until I graduated to start it up. We will do it every summer. I was happy with the turn out this year. I am happy that I was able to share my experiences. We are only in Ontario for now but after the next Winter Games, we may have one in Montreal.

Information is on my website http://www.meghanagosta.com/hockey-school/ and interested players can also call my business line at 514-795-8702

Outlook Hockey thanks Meghan Agosta and Meg Hewings for their time and co-operation