Digit Murphy adds CWHL Coach of the Year to distinguished career

by Mark Staffieri

A coach with Hall of Fame worthy credentials, Digit Murphy has been a superlative addition to the CWHL. In her first season, the magnificent Murphy led the Boston Blades to their first regular season title in franchise history. The title would lead to CWHL history as Boston became the first American based franchise to win the title.

During a remarkable acceptance speech, Murphy acknowledged many in the game, including league commissioner Brenda Andress. ???I would like to thank Brenda for convincing me to come here and become the head coach and general manager.?۝

In addition to her coaching duties, Murphy?۪s work as General Manager of the Blades paid tremendous dividends. Her remarkable work as GM led to five solid draft picks in the opening five rounds of the now legendary 2012 CWHL Draft.

Among her selections, Murphy chose Hilary Knight and Genevieve Lacasse as the foundation upon which to strengthen the team. Knight would go on to become the first American to win the League MVP Award, while Lacasse claimed the Goalie of the Year award, respectively.

Her ability to motivate was a key factor in helping the Blades finishing the season strong. Especially after key leaders such as Erika Lawler and Kelli Stack for the rest of the season. ???She has been great and brought in a whole new attitude,?۝ stated Kelley Steadman, another of Boston?۪s great rookie acquisitions.

In coaching members of the United States, Canadian and Czech National Teams, Digit is able to maintain a strong balance on the team while unifying everyone towards one common goal of winning. ???She is a good coach and I learned a lot from her,?۝ stated Katka Mrazova, a member of the Czech team.

Bringing great acumen and knowledge to the game, Murphy has been a welcome addition to the CWHL. Her enthusiasm for the game is evident and the quality of competition has improved with her presence. Whether the Blades are successful in claiming the 2013 Clarkson Cup, the league has emerged as a true winner by having Murphy as part of it.