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Growing the Ranks
Written by Safia Ahmad Nine-year-old London Mann first met Canadian hockey star Mélodie Daoust at a fundraiser organized by the Albe [...]
Breaking Barriers
Written by Merisa Boyd It’s 4:45 a.m. Some might have still not gone to bed. Some might be sleeping for just a little bit longe [...]
Creating the Winning Formula
Photo credit Teri Di-Lauro Written by Maria Tassone After making noise last summer in the relocation of a franchise with over 25 yea [...]
The Places You’ll Go
Written by Ramina Shlah One of the greatest perks of being an athlete is that with competition comes an ability to travel to new and [...]
Side by Side
Written by Safia Ahmad Caroline Ouellette and Noémie Marin are no strangers to competition.  As athletes and best friends, they pus [...]
An Unlikely Opportunity
Written by Merisa Boyd “I saw a post on Facebook for the 2015-16 Boston Blades prospect camp and figured, ‘why not?’ This w [...]
Six Seasons in the Making
Written by Maria Tassone If you’ve followed the Thunder for a while, Liz Knox and Dania Simmonds are familiar names. Both just comp [...]
Always Ready to Compete
Written by Jordon Hall Competition for Toronto Furies forward Carolyne Prevost does not end with the final game of the CWHL season. T [...]
Growing the Game Starts at Home
Written by Dakota Woodworth Ask any Calgary Inferno player why they continue to play, volunteer, and serve as ambassadors for the gam [...]
Three Generations, One Team
Written by Safia Ahmad Every four years, Montréal native Lana Lloyd, 45, and her family would watch the Winter Olympics. Since the i [...]