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Growing the Game Starts at Home
Written by Dakota Woodworth Ask any Calgary Inferno player why they continue to play, volunteer, and serve as ambassadors for the gam [...]
Three Generations, One Team
Written by Safia Ahmad Every four years, Montréal native Lana Lloyd, 45, and her family would watch the Winter Olympics. Since the i [...]
From Rink to Rink
Written by Merisa Boyd It’s no secret that CWHL players are forces both on and off the ice. Whether it be furthering their educatio [...]
Twists and Turns of Baiwei’s Way
Written by Maura Sun It has been 20 years since women’s hockey first became an Olympic sport. China finished fourth in the 1998 Nag [...]
Chasing PhDs and Clarkson Cups
Written by Maria Tassone Markham Thunder teammates Fielding Montgomery and Karolina Urban may find themselves in completely different [...]
Extraordinary Terry: Quick Questions with All-Star Kelly Terry
Kelly Terry thinks she would be in Slytherin if she attended Hogwarts. While you can’t watch her play Quidditch, you can watch her pla [...]
On the Great and Caro: Quick Questions with All-Star Caroline Ouellette
Caroline Ouellette is a hockey player, hockey coach, and Clarkson Cup champion, but her proudest achievement is winning Olympic gold. Ge [...]
This Way to Rattray: Quick Questions with All-Star Jamie Lee Rattray
Let’s hope Jamie Lee Rattray’s All-Star teammates let her exit the dressing room last. Learn more about Jamie and her superstitions [...]
The Best Kessler: Quick Questions with All-Star Christina Kessler
Christina Kessler never wanted to score goals — she wanted to stop them. Learn more about this Clarkson Cup-champion goaltender in her [...]
Placing a Bettez: Quick Questions with All-Star Ann-Sophie Bettez
Ann-Sophie Bettez of les Canadiennes de Montré al looked up to Martin St. Louis as a player. Now there are lots of little girls who loo [...]