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2018 CWHL Top Prospects: Taylor Willard
As an established playmaking two-way defender, Taylor Willard is a strong competitive addition to the CWHL Draft. The Chicago native [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Alex Rigsby
2018 Olympic Gold Medalist and seasoned goaltender, Alex Rigsby, is bringing international experience and championship goaltending to th [...]
CWHL Top Prospects: Shea Tiley
  One of the most highly sought after prospects in the 2018 CWHL Draft, Shea Tiley delivers a game-changing goaltender for whi [...]
CWHL Top Prospects: Ailish Forfar
  With experience in both NCAA and USPORTS, Ailish Forfar offers a unique resume as a 2018 CWHL Draft Prospect. The Sharon, O [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Annie Bélanger
  A four-year contributor at the collegiate level, 2018 CWHL Draft prospect Annie Bélanger provides consistency for any team be [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Nina Rodgers
  Achieving success at all levels of competition, 2018 CWHL Draft prospect Nina Rodgers presents a unique set of skills found wi [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Brittany Howard
  An explosive scorer, Brittany Howard offers up game-changing offensive ability in the 2018 CWHL Draft. A Robert Morris Univ [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Mellissa Channell
  A playmaking defenceman, Mellissa Channell offers teams a keen eye from the blueline as a 2018 CWHL Draft prospect. A workh [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Kimberly Newell
  Entering the 2018 CWHL Draft with a resume full of experience, Kimberly Newell presents a steadying presence for any CWHL team [...]
2018 Top Prospects: Marie-Joëlle Allard
  Marie-Joëlle Allard delivers leadership and blueline playmaking as a 2018 CWHL Draft prospect from the USPORTS ranks. The [...]