Always Ready to Compete

Written by Jordon Hall

Competition for Toronto Furies forward Carolyne Prevost does not end with the final game of the CWHL season. The six-year CWHL veteran shifts directly from one athletic endeavour to the next, with progression always the goal. A Wisconsin Badger alumna, she is now in full swing for the biggest competition of her second season, as one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world.

The 2012 CWHL Draft pick is coming off the second 20-point season of her career, and much like the progression she has experienced on the ice, she continues it off the ice with her CrossFit growth.

Discovering the high-intensity fitness program a year after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, where she averaged a point a game in 142 appearances and became just the 17th player in Wisconsin history to reach 100 points, Carolyne has fully optimized the physical benefits of the new training regime.

“As a competitive athlete I love all challenges and striving to be the best I can be at everything,” said the Furies 2017-18 leading scorer. “CrossFit allowed me to essentially replace and repurpose this competitiveness. On the ice, it has allowed me to improve my strength, power, and stamina, and I’m able to recover faster between shifts, periods, and games.”

Utilizing the new outlet for more than just improvements to her game on the ice, Carolyne has also shined on the competitive CrossFit circuit, experiencing as much growth in the CrossFit arena as in the hockey arena.

The hard-working Sarnia, Ont., native has reached the CrossFit Games Regional competition in each of the last five years. She has seen improvement each time, placing 22nd in 2014 and 2015, 18th in 2016 and 10th last year. Having qualified once again as a representative of CrossFit Colosseum in Etobicoke, Ont., she enters the event in Albany, New York next month from May 18-20 as a true contender.

To qualify for the Regional event, individual athletes must place top 15 at the Open, a precursor event which this season saw Carolyne reach an incredible new high.

“The highlight of the Open this year was definitely finishing third in the world and first in Canada,” said Carolyne following her unprecedented individual performance. “I was not expecting to place that high, so it has given me even more confidence heading into the Regional. Regional workouts will be different, more skillful, with heavier weights, so I will be increasing my volume of training quite a bit and working on all my weaknesses to be as well-rounded and prepared for the unknown of what’s to come.”

Like all CWHL athletes, Carolyne has become a master of time management, balancing her commitments as a member of the Toronto Furies with her competitive CrossFit training and her full-time job as a high school teacher. Yet, through it all, a support system is in place to help.

“It definitely benefits a lot to have great people behind me,” stated Prevost. “I may compete as an individual on the floor, but I have so many people helping me get to where I want to go. I have my training partners pushing me every day, my CrossFit coach programming for me and encouraging me through this journey, a nutritionist making sure I am putting the right things into my body, a group of therapists keeping me injury free, and I have friends and family who are there supporting me all the way.”

Should Carolyne finish among the top five individual women at the Regional event, she would for the first time qualify for the CrossFit Games, which this year will be taking place in familiar territory in Madison, Wisconsin from August 1-5.

To follow along with Carolyne’s journey visit where a live stream and live results will be posted throughout the Regional competition from May 18-20.

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